#IG5OI Freestyle

by Calliber "The Berean Emcee"

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Freestyle by Calliber on the "Heaven or Hell" instrumental remake of "I got 5 on it" by Luniz. The lyrics speaks for themselves. Stay tuned for the War Cry EP dropping November 17 2019


#IG5OI Freestyle Lyrics

Its the Berean Emcee born ready for war //
some came with a pen, king, i came with a sword //
Sword of the Spirit , im swinging with metaphors //
Without Christ, im a skyscraper - got so many 'flaws (floors) //
Can i tell 'em something non-fictional //
I'm known for the bars like Matsapha Correctional //
2019, my scars still speak to me //
If God wasn't there, they'd be reading my eulogy //
That mindset gives me confidence to face life //
Looking at a demon like we about to pop a street fight //
Christ death, gave the enemy a blue eye //
Fist in the sky, let them know its a War Cry //
Im tryna reach 'em wit a punchline //
and stay lit like a candle in the nighttime //
Looking at a trapper like a hungry kid at lunchtime //
I'm like young boy we about to have a nice time //
Without Christ you walking on a thin line //
pleasures dont last long like cellphone airtime //
Jesus on my side, nobody can touch me //
on the rise like taxes in this beautiful country //
Hot 16s, punchlines flammable //
Feeling out of place like taking selfies at a funeral //
Broken by the state of our government hospital //
People i know have died there, its getting uncomfortable //
There's kids in Mbabane's streets hungry and thirsty//
When im throwing food in the dustbin im like 'Lord have mercy' //
Matthew 25, embedded in my mind //
When the Son of Man returns will your faith survive //
Life in humility, God has forgiven me //
If Jesus didnt die, Satan would've got rid of me //
Back in the block, i do this for the LORD //
on every 16 that im given to record //
They dont believe in Jesus, saying that He's Invisible //
But they believe a watch based on longitudes and latitudes //
(Argh) I'd rather mind my own business //
'cause birds in a cage think flying is a sickness...(Calliber)


released June 1, 2019




Calliber "The Berean Emcee" Mbabane, Swaziland

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